If your clothing smells musty, all is not lost!
We’re leaders in apparel mold and mildew removal.

Apparel Mold and Mildew Removal
Apparel Mold and Mildew Removal

It happens all too often: You open your new shipment, and a musty smell hits you. Call us – you can rely on our industry-leading apparel mold and mildew removal process. We’ll address the issue quickly, so you can keep your apparel moving through the supply chain.

Our customers frequently encounter damp garments and musty smells. That’s why we’ve stepped up as experts in apparel mold and mildew removal.
What causes mold, mildew, and that musty smell? The reasons are many: The factory operates in humid conditions. Garments aren’t completely dry before being packaged. Cardboard boxes get wet. Shipping containers are damaged. And the list goes on.

Apparel Mold and Mildew RemovalNo matter the cause, we have the skilled employees, expertise, and proven processes to quickly address apparel mold and mildew removal. To begin, the Darn It! inspection team sorts the clothing, assesses the extent of the issue, and develops a plan to treat, clean, and return garments to their original state. Throughout the process, we team with you to communicate the level of damage, treatment plans, and turnaround time.

The Darn It! treatment plans vary according to severity:

  • If clothing is damp with no odor, we will hang and dry garments and press if necessary.
  • If garments are wet or stained from dampness, we will launder or dry clean them.
  • If garments have a musty odor (indicating that mold or mildew may be festering), we conduct an ozone shock treatment. We place the apparel in our state-of-the-art ozone chamber, which kills mold and mildew and ensures it won’t grow back.

We’re pleased to have earned a sterling reputation in the garment industry for apparel mold and mildew removal.
After treatment, your garments have a fresh smell, with no remnant odor. We’re standing by, ready to help you get first-quality apparel to retail and online outlets as quickly as possible.

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