Apparel part/trim replacement can turn a garment’s problem into an opportunity.

Apparel Part/Trim Replacement
Apparel Part/Trim Replacement

When our customers encounter a quality issue with apparel parts or trim, their first thought is to overcome the problem. That’s when they call us. Sometimes, working together, we can transform the problem into an opportunity.

Apparel part/trim replacement can do more than simply remediate a quality issue.
Garment trim can be updated from season to season, giving your apparel a longer shelf life – and an extended opportunity to continue selling these units. A case in point: A customer asked us to change the buttons on 2,000 coats. The new button color updates the garment for the upcoming season. Replacing trim is a quick, easy way to revive – and sell – out-of-season clothing.

Of course, we can remove, replace, and reinforce any trim to remediate quality issues.
The wonderful thing about fashion is the amazing variety of parts and trim: buttons, snaps, zippers, drawcords, rivets, ribbons, and more. The downside, however, is that a variety of things can go wrong. Quality issues can be as simple as the right color button – or the right color of thread for the button!

Here are a few examples of apparel part/trim replacement services for our customers:

  • Replace all buttons on 6,000 shirts due to lead content issues.
  • Add a ribbon to the waistband of 3,000 pants to reinforce the seam and strengthen overall construction.
  • General examples include: Replace non-functioning zippers and snaps, add the right size buttons to match buttonholes, replace buttons with chipped paint, and repair open seams. (These are common quality issues, which our trained staff can quickly address.)

We rush the first-quality product to you …
If you need Darn It! apparel part/trim replacement services to repair garments – or want to take the opportunity to update apparel for the new season – we’re committed to transform your garments into first-quality product, as fast as possible.

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