Apparel Repair

There’s an old saying: “You can have it good, or you can have it fast.” With apparel repair, we strive to give you BOTH.

Apparel Repair
Apparel Repair

As apparel repair experts with deep roots in the garment industry, we’ve seen it all! Bring us your repair or packaging issue, and Darn It! delivers the experience, skilled team, and professional equipment to offer a variety of solutions – and guide you to choose the solution that best meets your needs.

When it comes to apparel repair, we do a good job (our customers might say “great job”) – and we do it FAST. Our goal is to remediate the issue as quickly as possible to get your garments to first-quality condition, so you can get product on the shelves or directly into the hands of your customers.

We invite you to visit these pages to learn more:

  • Apparel Relabeling/Heat Transfer Label – Small yet mighty, labels must have accurate content and be placed correctly. Plus, heat transfer labels offer opportunities to cover up wrong size information, add decoration, and update garments. Learn more >
  • Apparel Sewing Repairs – Beyond buttons, our apparel sewing staff reinforces stress points, closes open seams, adjusts hem lines, shortens pant legs, and the list goes on! Learn more >
  • Apparel Part/Trim Replacement – Turn to Darn It! when you need to repair or replace zippers, snaps, buttons, and other parts or trim. And call us to swap out trim to update and refresh an out-of-season item. Learn more >
  • Apparel Cleaning – From rust to salt water, we treat a surprising variety of stains and soiling via spot cleaning, laundering, or dry cleaning. We have the know-how to tackle stubborn stains and restore your garments! Learn more >
  • Apparel Mold and Mildew Removal – A damp, musty-smelling shipment is disappointing, but not disastrous. Turn to Darn It! for the expertise and ozone shock treatment chamber to transform musty clothes into first-quality product. Learn more >
  • Apparel Returns Processing/Reverse Logistics – Whether it’s customer returns or end-of-season consolidation, those units must be inspected, repaired and pressed (as necessary), and repackaged to look brand-new. Together, let’s do what we can to resell your product. Learn more >
  • Apparel Repackaging/Ticketing – Packaging or ticketing issues must be resolved quickly and accurately. You can rely on the Darn It! team. It’s our job to ensure your first-quality goods have the right packaging and accurate tickets, with a speedy turn-time. Learn more >

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