When you need apparel repackaging/ticketing, you need speed and accuracy.

Apparel Repackaging/Ticketing
Apparel Repackaging/Ticketing

You’ve discovered an issue with packaging or ticketing, and it must be resolved quickly – and accurately. At this critical stage in the supply chain, you may have found that:

  • A prepackaged assortment is incorrect.
  • A hanging garment should be in flat packaging.
  • Packaging doesn’t meet specifications due to wrong branding.
  • The price ticket or hang tag doesn’t have the right content, correct placement, or proper attachment.
  • On a positive note, you may pursue new apparel repackaging/ticketing in order to resell the garment in the following season.

Our customers come to us with all types of apparel repackaging/ticketing requests.
Here are just a few examples of the services we’ve provided:

  • Recently, 27,000 garments arrived from the manufacturer with incorrect price tickets. Darn It! quickly re-ticketed the clothing, so it could be distributed to retail stores.
  • In 4,000 packages of assorted tank tops, the factory had placed multiple sizes within the packs! If this error hadn’t been discovered and remedied, returns would soar. Our team quickly sorted all tank tops with correct sizes, then packed the units.
  • Darn It! repackaged 100,000 gift packs due to an incorrect assortment. We opened the packages, sorted the items, and repackaged the gift packs to meet specifications.
  • Often, customers ask us to create a “pre-pack” assortment to streamline processing at the distribution center.

Retailers, distributors, manufacturers, and importers rely on Darn It! to repackage and re-ticket their apparel – with speed and accuracy. 
Call us when you need these apparel repackaging/ticketing services:

  • Kitting, sorting, and counting
  • Adding or changing hang tags and price tickets
  • Re-bag (boxed or hanging)
  • Re-boxing and re-labeling

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