Label Magic – Bada Boom!


What happens if you want to expand your brand outside of the country?  Specifically, Italy.  Piece of cake (tiramisu), right?  Just box up the goods and ship them over and they can sell in any retail store.  Well, not the case.  This is what a women’s retail customer of ours found out when they wanted to expand their brand into Italy.  They needed to brush up first on all the Italian apparel regulations and then called the Darn It Apparel Repair Team for help.

This retailer had 4,800 assorted ladies clothing that they wanted to ship to partners in Italy for sale.  They were ready to ship the goods and then realized that they were missing some very important information on the garments, labels and tickets in order to make it seamless for the goods to pass through Italian Customs and ultimately to the end consumer.

Labeling, Labeling and more labeling.  Upon receiving the units, we had to carefully sort all of the items by SKU.  There were 320 different SKU’s.  Their partner had assigned new sku numbers to each style, so we matched up new labels and tickets by sku number.  The care/content labels sewn into the garments included international care symbols, but labels in Italian had to be added.  We began opening the back neck of the shirts and the back of the pant to add the new labels.  After sewing in all of the new care and content labels, we then needed to remove and replace the two hang tags that were attached to the back of the garments.  These new hang tags had the new Italian sku information as well.  Their partner’s branded hang tags were also added with QR codes that linked the Italian consumers with information on how to recycle the unit after wear was complete.

Are you still following this…Of course, the price is not in Dollars anymore and had to be changed to Euros by SKU as each style had a different price.  Once the garments were placed into new poly bags, the sticker on the outside of the bag and outside of the new box had to be changed!!!

It was a lot of work and the customer got all of their garments shipped to Italy in time for the Christmas shopping season.

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