My Dress Smells Like BBQ!!


A new dress worn at a BBQ or a BBQ restaurant can certainly smell like its surroundings after you spend a bit of time in that environment.  What happens if you pull the dress off the store shelf or off the shelf in the warehouse and the dress smells like BBQ before it actually went to a BBQ??  I don’t think you would buy it.  It would be a total turn off.

One women’s retailer luckily noticed that this was a problem when they were receiving the dress in their warehouse.  It was coming off a truck from overseas and through the audit process they smelled something funny.  The good news for the retailer was that of the 20,000 units on the container, this dress (4,000 pieces) was the only one with a bad odor.

The retailer immediately separated this dress from the other items on the container and called the Darn It Apparel Repair Team for help.  We have dealt with many different types of odors, but when this one was described to us over the phone, we were a little perplexed.  The customer sent us 12 samples to test our odor remediation process.  Once received, we placed the dresses into one of our two Ozone chambers overnight.

The next morning, we were thrilled to find that the odor was totally gone.  These were very delicate dresses and could not be placed in a washing machine or dry cleaned as they would look somewhat used when placed in the store.  The ozone chamber allows us to leave all of the tags and price tickets on the garment while being treated in the chamber.  It also doesn’t change the “hand” of the goods so that the dresses feel brand new the first time someone puts it on.

The customer was thrilled that we were able to remediate the samples, so they sent the balance of the dresses to us the next day.  Within 5 days, our team was able process all of the dresses, fold and pack them into new poly bags (the old ones smelled like BBQ) with new UPS stickers and boxed them into new boxes with the proper carton markings.

Call the Darn It! Apparel Repair Team the next time something stinks!

Your Problem is our Business.

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