Simple label swap reaps $1.1 million


Thanks to apparel relabeling, DC manager’s “light-bulb moment” pays off!

Imagine the scene…

A retailer’s DC manager is comparing the seasonal assortment for its 2 clothing brands: the luxury brand and affordable brand. “Hmm, there may be an opportunity here,” the manager thinks. “Eureka! Let’s move this particular garment from one selling channel to another – simply by relabeling it.”

Here’s the strategy that reaps $1.1 million in additional revenue:

  1. At the time, there are 2,000 trench coats in the distribution center warehouse, not yet released. Initially planned as an item in the affordable brand, this trench coat would sell for $149.
  2. Turns out, that particular style is a better fit for the luxury brand. When rebranded to the luxury line, it sells at $699.
  3. This $550 increase for 2,000 trench coats generates $1.1 million in additional revenue.

Here’s how Darn It’s apparel relabeling team supported this strategy:

  • First and foremost, Darn It! worked with 2 distribution center managers – one who managed the retailer’s affordable brand and one who managed the luxury brand. Together, we clarified the timeline, the many details involved, and exact specifications for apparel relabeling.
  • To relabel these units, we needed to change the main branded label to the luxury brand label. This required turning the sleeves inside out, opening the sleeve seam, replacing the label, and closing the seam.
  • Next, we added new tickets with new branding.
  • Packaged the 2,000 coats in new polybags and added appropriately branded stickers.
  • Packed the coats in cartons, each relabeled with correct branding.
  • Shipped the cartons to the retailer’s luxury brand distribution center.

Take a fresh look at your line, then let Darn It! do the work.

Take a moment to think about your line. Do you see any opportunities? One strategy many of our customers use is apparel part/trim replacement. Here are a few restyling ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Swap a sweater’s trim to freshen the look for a new season, for example, change the ribbon color or add faux fur.
  • Replace buttons with a fun, eye-catching button or switch to a different color to coordinate with next season’s fashion colors.
  • Hem women’s lightweight pants to summertime capris pants or culottes.
  • Adjust the sleeves on ladie’s tees, blouses, or long-sleeved dresses to a 3/4 sleeve length.
  • Change the look entirely by adding a heat transfer design.

Simple label swap reaps $1.1 million Call us – let’s brainstorm and uncover YOUR light-bulb moment!

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