Gain clarity and confidence – thanks to our exacting (and speedy) apparel inbound AQL inspection.

Apparel Inbound AQL Inspection
Apparel Inbound AQL Inspection

The challenge: Your shipment is flagged for a potential quality issue. You need a reliable audit of the garments. You need it done quickly. And you need a clear, accurate report.

The solution? Route your merchandise to Darn It! for an apparel inbound AQL inspection. If no quality issue is uncovered, great! You can confidently distribute your apparel to retail and online outlets. If an issue is identified, then you get a clear assessment of the quality issue – and options for apparel repair. (As experts in the garment industry, we know that poor quality apparel equates to lost sales.)

We have one goal in this audit: Assess your shipment’s quality.
During the apparel inbound AQL inspection, our highly skilled team audits a statistical sampling of your shipment to assess general appearance and workmanship. Some customers bring a specific issue to our attention and request that we focus on that problem. When an issue is found, the next step is partnering with our customer to establish a plan.

Typically during this audit, our inspection team metaphorically puts on their detective caps, seeking to uncover defects or other quality issues. Our trained team applies an exacting and thorough process to detect issues, such as:

  • Overall workmanship and cleanliness
  • Construction and stitching
  • Label placement and content
  • Color consistency and color approval (compare the shipment to approval swatches)
  • Measurements (sleeves, pant legs, hems, sweeps, bust, neck, and so forth)
  • Functionality of trim (zippers, buttons, snaps, drawstrings, etc.)

Many of our customers entrust us to conduct the AQL inspection on EVERY shipment.
Our family-owned business is backed by decades of experience in the apparel industry. We’re proud to have many long-term employees with the skills to recognize issues – as well as the skills and professional tools to quickly resolve issues. We’re your reliable, highly trained, and speedy apparel inbound AQL inspection team!

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