When it comes to apparel cleaning, we have the know-how.
And we have stories to tell!

We’ve been in the apparel industry a long time – and we’ve seen it all. We consider ourselves experts at stain removal and apparel cleaning.

Apparel Cleaning
Apparel Cleaning

Here are a few stories to illustrate our know-how:

  • Saltwater – A customer’s shipping containers of pants (20,000 pairs!) had been submerged in salt water. We aired out the dry pants and conducted an ozone shock treatment to kill any festering mold. For those soaked in salt water, we laundered the pants to clean and remove salt water, which could ruin the fabric color and texture. Next, we pressed, re-ticketed, and repackaged all pants in time for their big promotion.
  • Rust – A customer brought us 5,000 packaged men’s dress shirts to clean. The stickpins in the collar and shoulders had rusted and stained the shirts. Our team opened the packaging, removed the pins, treated the rust stains, then cleaned, pressed and repackaged each and every shirt.
  • Mold and mildew – Unfortunately, mold and mildew issues are common in this industry, and clothing will present with staining. Darn It! uses a reliable process for mold and mildew removal and to treat the stain.
  • Stains from the mundane to the mysterious! – We battle a variety of stains including sewing machine oil, pen marks, and adhesive from stickers on garments. Our skilled team has the know-how to treat a long list of typical – and peculiar – stains!

We love to transform dirty, soiled, or stained garments into clothing that looks new.
Depending on the issue, look to Darn It! for:

  • Odor removal via our state-of-the-art ozone chamber
  • Spot cleaning, laundering, and dry cleaning
  • Mold and mildew removal
  • Steaming, pressing, and packaging to ensure garments look crisp and new!

We’re experts at stain removal – and committed to giving you first-quality product.
Bring us your dirty, soiled, or stained garments, and we’ll put our apparel cleaning expertise to work. And if you have an interesting story to share, we’re all ears!

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