General Merchandise Inspection & Repair

Trust us with your general merchandise inspection and repair: Auditing, reticketing, repackaging, broken buttons, and more!

General Merchandise Inspection & Repair
General Merchandise Inspection & Repair

The bad news: Your product has a quality issue. It needs to be inspected – and it may need to be repaired.

The good news: The Darn It! merchandise inspection and repair team is at your service, for any shipment large or small.

Thanks to our efficient process, skilled team and attention to detail, customers take advantage of our general merchandise inspection services.
To identify and quantify a quality issue, we can conduct an inbound AQL inspection on your general merchandise. In fact, many of our customers entrust us to directly receive their shipped merchandise here at our warehouse for the initial audit. In addition, our skilled team is ready to conduct a 100% visual inspection of your goods.

We can rectify almost any quality issue!
When your shipment has a quality issue, we know that a fast turn-time is critical. You must get first-quality products on the shelves quickly. And you need to hear workable solutions for the remaining merchandise.

Based on what we find during inspection, we’ll bring ideas to rectify the quality issue, whether it’s kitting, reticketing, relabeling, stickering, rebagging, repackaging, or repairing your merchandise. Together, we’ll determine the plan and our marching orders.

Look to Darn It! for sewing repairs, cleaning, part/trim replacement, repackaging, and more.
Here’s a sampling of quality issues we’ve addressed:

  • 6,000 dog beds with a zipper problem: Opening the zipper tore the material. Our sewing repair team reinforced all 6,000 zippers.
  • 30,000 coffee mugs with glazing defects: We conducted a 100% visual inspection to sort out non-sellable goods, ensuring only first-quality goods would go to stores.
  • 4,200 leather briefcases with a strong musty odor: Darn It! has gained an industry-wide reputation for our proven mold and mildew removal process. In this case, we conducted a 100% visual inspection to sort briefcases. For those with a musty smell, we cleaned the mold and conducted an ozone shock treatment by placing the briefcases in our state-of-the-art ozone chamber. This kills mold and mildew and ensures it won’t grow back.
  • 18,000 necklaces with loose beads: The necklaces had been distributed – and were on display – at the retailer’s 500 stores. When the retailer noticed beads were loose and falling off, they coordinated a direct-ship recall from all stores to the Darn It! facility. We organized the shipment, inspected and sorted necklaces, and repaired those with loose beads per our customer’s instructions. We then shipped the repaired jewelry back to the retail stores.
  • Additional examples include: Repair shoes with scuffs or excessive glue marks; replace grommets on briefcases; clean musty backpacks and luggage; repair jewelry with broken chains and other construction issues; sew open seams on canvas tote bags; relabel, reticket, and/or repackage belts, books, dishes, hats, pens, watches, and more.

When it comes to general merchandise inspection and repair, our customers – retailers, distributors, manufacturers, and importers – rely on us to get first-quality goods on the shelves quickly!

Rely on Darn It! for inspection and repair of your general merchandise – no matter what it is. We offer:

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