When you encounter a quality issue, our first step is conducting an apparel visual inspection to sort first-quality clothing.

Apparel Visual Inspection
Apparel Visual Inspection

We have deep roots in the apparel industry and understand your top concern: Get first-quality garments on the shelves NOW. Unfortunately, things can go wrong in the supply chain, resulting in significant quality issues. This stalls the process, which impacts your sales and revenue.

That’s why our first step is conducting a thorough apparel visual inspection of your merchandise. Our trained team inspects and sorts your garments, with an initial focus on sorting first-quality clothing you can immediately sell via retail stores and online outlets. Depending on the quality issue, the next step involves various apparel repair strategies.

We’ve seen it all!

The Darn It! inspection team is trained to inspect garments for a wide variety of issues including:

  • Fabric flaws, construction, and general workmanship – Specific issues can include open seams, skipped stitches, and wrong measurements.
  • Garment trim – Clothes may have incorrect, missing, or faulty hangtags, zippers, buttons, snaps, or drawstrings.
  • Color matching – If you have a shipment with mismatched colors from different dye lots, the Darn It! inspection team will conduct a shading sort inspection to ensure visually compatibility.
  • Stains – This can include soiling, oil stains, rust, and even water stains!

A case in point: We recently received 40,000 units from a major clothing wholesaler…

During the wholesaler’s initial inspection of the overseas shipment, the company discovered stains on multiple garments. They knew it would not be cost-effective to return the clothing to the overseas supplier for remediation. Therefore, they turned to Darn It! for apparel visual inspection.

Our highly trained team conducted a full apparel visual inspection to sort first-quality garments, with the goal of ensuring the wholesaler could quickly get this clothing into stock and onto shelves.

Simultaneously, some of our team members conducted spot-cleaning and laundering tests to eliminate the stain and salvage more product. We quickly presented a workable apparel repair option to our customer. In fact, we were able to refurbish most of the remaining garments into first-quality pieces, with a minimal fall-out rate.

We help you overcome quality issues FAST, so you can sell first-quality apparel NOW.

Thanks to our deep roots in the apparel industry, we know you need as many salable goods as possible – as quickly as possible. That’s why our initial apparel visual inspection goal is to inspect and sort first-quality pieces. Meanwhile, we assess the quality issue and offer remediation options, so you can salvage and sell as much of the shipment as possible.

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