Beyond buttons: Apparel sewing repairs strengthen, renew, and revive all types of garments.

Apparel Sewing Repairs
Apparel Sewing Repairs

When it comes to apparel sewing repairs, our customers – retailers, distributors, manufacturers, and importers – rely on us to:

  • Attach and replace buttons and add buttonholes
  • Close open seams and strengthen stress points
  • Adjust hems, pant legs, and sleeves to the proper length
  • Replace or add zippers, snaps, drawcords, and rivets
  • Steam or press clothing as needed after the repair, so it’s attractive to consumers

Let’s resolve the issue to minimize fall-out rate and avoid consumer returns.
Here are a few examples of the apparel sewing repairs we’ve done for our customers:

  • 1,000 baseball caps: Add the missing buttonhole on the shape-keeper.
  • 8,000 pajama bottoms: Remove and replace a red drawcord (the dye was bleeding and staining the pajamas) with a non-bleeding drawcord.
  • 5,000 men’s sleeveless shirts: Repair and reinforce improperly sewn arm holes. (The issue was discovered in the retailer’s durability test.)
  • 39,000 bras: Apply a heat transfer label to address a two-fold issue: cover up the wrong size noted on the factory’s silkscreen label and add the correct size for all bras.

And here’s a great idea: Alterations can renew out-of-season garments!
An easy way to stay on top of trends – and sell your out-of-season clothing – is to update the garment with a sewing amendment. Our customers have asked us to swap buttons to match their new line, add a ribbon for flair, and adjust hem lines. Creative alterations can breathe fresh life into older merchandise and prompt ongoing sales.

We know you need it fast …
Darn It! offers the trained staff, professional sewing machinery, and efficient processes to get your first-quality apparel onto shelves quickly. That’s why we respond to your needs so quickly.

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