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During the pandemic, many retailers overbought many different items when the world did not know what was coming next.  Some of these retailers have quite a bit of extra goods on their floors or in their warehouses and are not sure what to do with all of it knowing that that they need to clear space for the fall and winter goods.

Well, they have a few choices.  First, they can mark the product down drastically with the hope that they sell it quickly.  In this case, they may sacrifice some margin, but raise some needed cash.  Second, they can box it all up and store it in their warehouse until next near when the style(s) is back in season.  Most retailers don’t have the luxury of extra space right now.  Lastly, the retailer can sell off the goods at a fraction of the wholesale price to a liquidator or jobber.  In this example, the retailer accomplishes a few things.  They clear the shelves and or warehouse quickly and they raise some additional funds to pay for the next purchase.

This time, a major retailer had an over abundance of men’s tees on the store shelves in the amount 400,000 units.  A jobber/liquidator customer of ours who buys and sells these types of overstock goods made the purchase of the 400k units from the retailer.  He immediately called the Darn it Apparel Inspection Team to help with this purchase as we have a large labor force and plenty of space for a project of this magnitude.

Once our customer made the purchase, a recall was ordered from the retailer for all the stores to collect the units from the shelves and stockrooms and ship them directly to Darn It.  Upon receiving the tees from all the stores in assorted boxes (thousands of them) and quantities, it was our job to sort the tees by color and size and then report back to our customer our findings.

After reporting back a total of approximately 400,000 units, our next task was to have the Darn it Apparel Inspection Team inspect the units to be sure that they were still first quality and then pack them into assorted size and color cartons.  Once complete with the large sort, inspection, and pack out, we stocked the many cartons in our warehouse.  Daily, our customer would send us orders by the carton or pallet to ship them to smaller retailers at a deep discount.

If you are looking for a large (or small) labor force with some warehouse space to help you with a project of any size, call the Darn It Apparel Inspection team first!

Your Problem is our Business.

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