Apparel Relabeling/Heat Transfer Label

Labels are small yet mighty. Apparel relabeling and heat transfer labels ensure accuracy and can add decoration.

Apparel Relabeling/Heat Transfer Label
Apparel Relabeling/Heat Transfer Label

A single garment may have a main label, plus labels for size, care, fiber content, country of origin, and price/bar code. All labels must be accurate and secure. They need to contain the right content, have durable attachments, and be placed appropriately – all according to the specification.

With so many moving parts, no wonder things go wrong. That’s why retailers, distributors, manufacturers, and importers turn to Darn It! for apparel relabeling and heat transfer labels. We can print, repair, or replace any label, anywhere on the garment.

And there’s more good news …
Apparel relabeling is a fast, elegant solution for private label branding. For example, one of our customers manufactures high-quality clothing, which it sells to multiple high-end outlets nationally – with private label branding.

Using a heat transfer label – a tagless label – is a “hot” consumer request.
More of our customers are embracing heat transfer labels for a variety of reasons:

  • Tagless garments are a selling point for consumers who dislike traditional labels that can be scratchy.
  • You can cover incorrect information while adding correct information. For example, Darn It! received a large quantity of t-shirts with the wrong size screen-printed on all shirts. We used a cover-up heat transfer label to overlay the correct size.
  • Consider adding a logo on the outside of a garment, like popular sportswear brands.
  • Add a decorative element to update and refresh your out-of-season product. Using the heat transfer label process, you can add a creative touch to sell your “new” garment.

Apparel Relabeling/Heat Transfer LabelSmall yet mighty, your labels must be 100% accurate.
If you have a label issue – or opportunity – contact Darn It! We offer the skills, experience, and professional machinery to rectify labeling issues or add a logo or design to your apparel.

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