Small Business Warehousing Made Easy!!


Are you managing your own small business warehouse?  Is your business seasonal?  Are there peaks and valleys to your receiving and picking?  Are you tired of the fluctuations in labor and having a difficult time making the process work?  These are many of the questions that The Darn It Distribution team asks potential new apparel warehouse customers.

Why outsource your small business warehouse?  As you grow your retail and e-comm businesses, you need to focus much of your time on design and manufacturing of your product, marketing and building your brand.  Our guess is that you are spending too much time on the back of house operations of the warehouse.  When this happens, many other tasks suffer.

Growing your business is difficult as it is.  With an outsourced apparel warehouse, you are never limited to staff that can handle those peaks in picking and shipping when your new product arrives or when you begin a new sale.  You may be limited in your own warehouse when it comes to space and staff.  Let us grow with you and be there while you are growing.

With all of the overhead and variable costs you may be encountering now, an outsourced warehouse will help you streamline your operations pricing and enable you to identify a cost per piece.  This will help you when figuring out your margins on all of your goods instead of a wide range of possible scenarios.

Shipping costs can also bring down a retailer’s margin per unit.  By partnering with an apparel warehouse, you can use their buying power and their negotiated rates to ship your product across the country.  More margin and more money in your pocket!

Systems integration can also be troublesome.  With Darn It’s robust warehouse management system, it is very easy to connect your web site or ERP system to enable orders to travel seamlessly back and forth.  Most orders ship same day, and all of the data transmits immediately back to your system and then ultimately back to your customer alerting them of the shipment.

It’s not easy to transition from your own warehouse to an outsourced solution.

Call Darn It’s Apparel Distribution team today and we can help you with any questions you may have.

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