My Pants Are Too Tight!!


It’s 9am and the phones in the customer service department are ringing off the hook. “The pants I ordered are too tight. I’ve ordered these before, it doesn’t make sense”. 20 calls later, it’s only 10am. The customer service department calls the buyers of the pants and tells her about all the calls they have been receiving. Something is wrong with this shipment of pants. “Stop the sale of the pants” are the next words out of the buyer’s mouth. The retailer pulls the pants from the website.

Now the investigation begins…

The buyer contacts the warehouse and asks them to pull some samples for a quality control and measurement check. After measuring approximately 50 pants, the company realizes that the pants were mislabeled as regular ladie’s sizes when the pants were really made using the petite measurements. Not great…
The retailer knows that they will have to re-order an entire shipment of regular size pants and doesn’t want to waste the smaller ones and discard them as it would be very expensive and generally not an environmentally wise decision. The buyer decides to try to save these and calls the Darn It Apparel Repair Team for help. The pants’ measurements needed to be confirmed and then the labels in the back of the waistband needed to be taken out and replaced.

This is a very labor-intensive job to take out a four-sided label in the back of a denim pant and then sew a new one in. The Darn It team came up with a hybrid solution. One of the problems with sewing a new label in the back of a denim pant (or any pant) is that during production in the factory, these labels are sewn on separate panels before the entire pant is sewn together. It would be impossible to sew a new label in the same spot on four sides as you are now contending with belt loops and also sewing through the entire waistband. It’s not the best look from the back. What if we carefully take out the four-sided label and then heat press a new label in instead of a new four-sided label.

The customer loved the idea and ordered 42,000 new heat transfers and delivered them directly to our facility. In advance of the heat transfers arriving, the customer shipped us the pants to have us remove the labels as that part of the task is the most time consuming.

Once the heat transfers were complete, the Darn It Apparel Inspection Team double checked each pair to be sure that the heat transfer was installed properly and that it was the correct size. The pants were then placed back in their original bags and boxes and shipped back to the retailer.


If your pants don’t fit…call us first! “Your Problem is our Business.”

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