NFL jackets are not ready for game day!


With the clock counting down, “Team Darn It” tackles the issue.

When it comes to sales and marketing, branding is everything and the company logo is a critical component. That’s why our client – a national sporting goods company – was immensely disappointed to discover that the manufacturer had left their company logo off thousands of units.

Complicated matters, the apparel was NFL football jackets. This seasonal item needed to be sold “RIGHT NOW” – at the beginning of football season. The shipment of 24,300 units was valued at $2.65 million. There’s a lot of money on the line, and time is of the essence!

Darn It took the ball and ran with it.

We started by clarifying the issue with our customer, then presenting several options for this apparel-remediation project. First, we conducted a 100% inspection and found that the manufacturer did not embroider the logo for the sporting goods company on about 25% of the shipment. Given the time constraint, our customer decided to forego embroidery and, instead, shipped logo patches they happened to have in stock. The goal was fast apparel remediation.

“Team Darn It” flew into action.

Like a team following a football playbook, many of our “players” were moving fast and strategically throughout our facility!

Here’s how we tackled this time-sensitive project:

  • After conducting the inspection, we immediately shipped first-quality units back to our customer’s DC, so they could start fulfilling orders. (We carefully unpacked and repacked the units into the same plastic bags.)
  • Our Apparel Repair sewing team applied the thousands of patches in only 3 days. (Again, carefully repacking jackets in the original plastic bags.)
  • Simultaneously, we shipped completed units daily to ensure our customer could immediately fulfill orders.

Like a great quarterback, our customer appreciated our speed and strategy.

Tackling this NFL jacket project is another example of how “Team Darn It” is incredibly responsive. We’re proud of our ability to offer winning strategies and fast apparel sewing repairs and remediation to meet our customers’ urgent needs.