Reprinted from The Commonwealth

“We will do anything that it takes to meet the challenges of our business customers,” insists Jeff Glassman ‘90. The Isenberg School alumnus is president of Darn It! Inc., a fast-growing New Bedford, Massachusetts provider of diverse services to the apparel industry. The business also doubles as a warehouser and pick/pack distribution node for apparel and general merchandise go to this web-site.

A November visit to the firm by The CommonWealth revealed an ordinary day of diverse projects and nonstop activity. On its cavernous floor (Darn It!’s combined factory and warehouse occupies 140,000 square feet), scores of workers operated sewing and embroidery machines; unpacked and reboxed shoes; sorted, pressed, and stored dresses and sport jackets; and spot cleaned and altered garments.
Jeff and Norm Glassman

Half a dozen women sat at sewing tables replacing buttons with snaps on polo shirts sporting a Fortune 500 logo. A second group of Darn It! employees replaced mislabeled sweaters with new labels identifying their contents as 100% luxury cashmere. And a third cluster of workers used black magic markers to X out information on the labels of children’s pajamas. “None of our machines and work tables are bolted down. We can move and reconfigure operations on a dime,” notes Jeff.

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