Apparel Returns Processing/Reverse Logistics

When it comes to apparel returns processing/reverse logistics, send your garments to Darn It!

Apparel Returns Processing/Reverse Logistics
Apparel Returns Processing/Reverse Logistics

Many distribution centers simply do not have a process in place to handle apparel returns processing and reverse logistics. That’s where we come in. With Darn It! you won’t lose selling time on these garments.

We have solutions for you.
Whether your garments are customer returns, end-of-season consolidation, or a discontinued line – clothing you want to resell – you can send your shipment to us. We have the skilled employees, machinery, and efficient processes in place to inspect, sort, repair, re-ticket, press, and repackage your apparel. You get first-quality product. Your consumers get clothing that looks crisp and new!

We’re your team to transform returns or unsold goods into first-quality goods.
You’ve invested time and money to design and manufacture these garments, now it’s time to turn to Darn It! for help. We can transform returns and unsold goods into sellable condition, so you can get them back onto shelves and in front of consumers.

Our highly trained staff will:

  • Receive, record, and report returned products
  • Sort restockable versus damaged products
  • Repair to A stock quality when appropriate
  • Provide project-specific and long-term returns processing

We can handle very large quantities of apparel returns processing/reverse logistics.
For one large retailer, we processed 600,000 units in consumer returns during one season. Meanwhile, another retailer sent us 56,000 units to supplement operations in their distribution center; these were consumer returns as well as end-of-season consolidation. These customers rely on Darn It! – and you can too.

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