The long and short of it: With our apparel measurement inspection services, you know where you stand.

Perhaps more than anyone, you know what can go wrong when it comes to garment measurements:

  • Body length, sleeves, pants, and inseams – too long or short
  • Pant leg openings and arm holes – too wide or narrow
  • Bust – too full or tight
  • Hem lines – too high or low
  • Neck openings and collar seams – too large or small
  • Waist, bottom sweep, and hips – too wide or narrow
Apparel Measurement Inspection
Apparel Measurement Inspection

We’ll conduct a 100% apparel inspection for the POMs (points of measure) you request.
You may flag the measurement issue and direct the shipment to Darn It! for an apparel measurement inspection. Or we may uncover a measurement problem during the apparel inbound AQL inspection that we conduct for you. Either way, during apparel measurement inspection, our skilled team will measure specific points on every garment, ensuring the correct specifications. We quickly measure and assess your shipment and give you a clear report in the format you require.

You get an accurate assessment of where you stand.
Your apparel measurement inspection report gives you a clear understanding of the extent of the measurement issue. The assessment also offers options for apparel repair and resizing to minimize the fall-out rate. Depending on the issue, options can include sewing hems, relabeling garments, or marking goods as damaged or irregular. Whatever the issue, Darn It! has the trained staff and professional tools in place to quickly rectify the problem.

Plus, you get first-quality product on the shelves as quickly as possible.
Measurement issues can interrupt the supply chain. Our family-owned business has been in the garment industry for decades. We know that non-sellable items must be identified and culled from the shipment – quickly – so you can immediately get first-quality garments on the shelves. And you can immediately sell your goods.

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