Ozone treatment turns nightmare into sweet dreams!


Damp PJs with strong musty order need apparel remediation.

It’s the DC manager’s worst nightmare: Upon opening 6,400 units of pajama sets – in dry cartons – the DC team is shocked to find damp apparel that’s emitting a strong musty odor. Plus, some PJs and price tickets are stained. Perhaps the manufacturer packaged the PJs too soon after being pressed, without allowing enough drying time.

Whatever the cause, the entire shipment of 6,400 units is at risk, representing over $300,000 in revenue. The DC manager turned to Darn It for apparel inspection and remediation, thanks to our state-of-the-art ozone shock treatment chamber.

Ozone treatment eliminates mold, mildew, and musty odors.

Unlike laundering, ozone shock treatment for apparel is a delicate process that freshens fabric and keeps new clothes in pristine condition. (If apparel looks laundered, this would certainly impact sales.) With shipments arriving from around the globe, we’re seeing more issues with mold, mildew, and musty odor from our national retailers. To meet this demand, we recently doubled our ozone shock treatment capacity.

Here’s how we turned this nightmare into a sweet dream…

All 6,400 units were damp and had a musty odor, with some staining on PJs and price tickets. The Darn It team:

  • Removed the units from cartons and packaging
  • Treated every unit with ozone shock treatment
  • Spot-cleaned stains on the apparel and replaced stained price tickets
  • Repackaged the PJs in new packages, being careful to keep the 7 sizes and 2 colors well organized
  • Packed all units in new cartons, loaded palettes, and shipped the entire shipment back to our customer’s Distribution Center

The entire shipment was saved!

Thanks to ozone shock treatment for apparel, we handled this issue quickly for our customer, and all units retained that crisp, new look. Best of all, our apparel mold remediation and mildew removal service saved this entire shipment. Dreams do come true!

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