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Many of you know the statistic that in most cases, 20% of apparel purchased online will be returned by the consumer back to the retailer. We have also heard that some companies have close to a 30% returns rate. That’s a lot of returns!

In this Post-Covid world, with many more people shopping online, the number of actual returns within many companies has skyrocketed. Most of these returns are for sizing issues, as consumers are purchasing multiple sizes to try on in the comfort of their own homes. These items may have been opened, put on, thrown on the bed or the floor. The cats may have slept in them for a night or two before the decision has been made to return one of the items.

NOW WHAT?? With all of the returns hitting your distribution centers, will you have enough labor to inspect, clean, re-package and put them back into stock? What about all of that cat hair that needs to be de-linted from the item? Will you have time to even think about the next season’s merchandise that is about to hit your receiving docks?

This is where partnering with a 3PL or Returns Processing expert can help relieve that pain. At Darn It, we have over 25 years of experience in inspection and re-work of apparel that can help you get out from under that pile of returns. Whether it is delivering the raw returns directly from your customers to our facility or just the apparel after you have processed the credit in your own facility. We can help! In addition to the initial inspection of the returns, we can spot clean any stains, steam any wrinkles, and sew any tears or open seams to ensure that you get many more first quality units back to your facility to sell!
Let your current staff focus on generating more revenue for your company by having them put away new merchandise and picking/packing orders and let Darn It handle the rest.

There are many other tasks that Darn It can help with during this busy season.

Please check out our website for more information or call us today!

“Your Problem Is Our Business”

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