Relief for the overwhelmed DC Manager


Rx for your apparel ticketing and packaging headache!

Solving the DC Manager’s classic “good news/bad news” dilemma…

In a meeting, someone announces “GOOD NEWS! We’ve sold thousands of units to a new customer!” However, the next statement causes your heart to race. “But – here’s the BAD NEWS – they have extremely detailed apparel ticketing and packaging requirements. It’s a challenging task, and we need to jump on it quickly.”

Now your heart skips a beat. As DC Manager, your people are already overwhelmed in this busy selling season. How can you quickly train your team and immediately dedicate the time (and space) to meet this customer’s highly detailed ticketing and packaging specifications?

Darn It! has the perfect prescription: Our apparel ticketing and packaging services.

We frequently get calls from sellers who are establishing new, exciting sales partnerships with major retailers. It’s common for these major retailers to have highly specific requirements for apparel ticketing and packaging. This empowers their Distribution Center to manage – and move – every item of merchandise, quickly and efficiently.

Here are 2 recent examples, where sellers relied on our apparel ticketing and packaging services:

  1. Scoring a hole-in-one with our customer – A well-known athletic brand struck a partnership with a nationwide sporting goods store. The brand sold 21,000 units – golf shirts and pants – to this store. In just 1 week, Darn It! placed each garment on a hanger, added size tabs, and adhered price stickers. We then sorted, packed, and labeled the 21,000 units according to the sporting goods store’s detailed packing list and routing guide for EVERY store in the nation.
  • Hats-off to our apparel team! – A sourcing company sold 100,000 hats to a major retailer. While they were excited to make this sale, the company didn’t have the staff, experience, or space to meet this customer’s packaging specifications within the delivery deadline. They turned to Darn It! for help. Following detailed apparel ticketing and packaging requirements, we added an SKU sticker and hang tag on every hat, then placed each hat into an individual polybag, which also needed a sticker. We shipped the hats with plenty of time to meet the retailer’s deadline.

Darn It! provides “urgent care” for your apparel reticketing and repackaging needs.

In this business, details matter. Every specification must be met, with meticulous care. We have a large, experienced apparel team available to meet your most demanding packaging requirements. We’re ready to work with you to meet your customers’ needs!

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