Helping reverse logistics run like clockwork


Fixing labels on 4,700 t-shirts recalled from 600 stores

The supply chain must run like clockwork to get units on shelves.

Once the items are on the shelves and start selling, that’s great! But wait … returns are rolling in … customer complaints are skyrocketing. What happened?!

In this case, thousands of t-shirts had been distributed to 600 retail stores nationwide. Soon, shoppers complained the shirts were too short. Our customer investigated the stock and found that both petite and regular-length sizes were mislabeled. The lot was a mixed-up mashup of sizes, and the entire shipment was recalled. The Distribution Center and 600 stores shipped the recalled units direct to Darn It.

Now it’s time for reverse logistics to run like clockwork.

Here’s how Darn It provided reverse logistics support, ensuring it ran like clockwork:

  1. Received and organized 4,700 recalled t-shirts from the DC and 600 stores
  2. Following our customer’s size specifications, immediately conducted 100% apparel measurement inspection to determine each t-shirt’s actual size
  3. Received size labels from the factory and exchanged labels as necessary to reflect the shirt’s proper size
  4. After just 4 days, began shipping units back to the DC and continued to ship regularly for the next week (All units were returned to the DC, so they could determine precise shipments for each store – a herculean task, given the label-swap issue)

The long and the short of it…

Apparel measurement inspection is just one way Darn It provides reverse logistics support. When you need to pull apparel off the shelf, this impacts day-to-day sales. It’s a direct hit to your bottom line. We understand the urgency – and the need for 100% accuracy – in reverse logistics projects. Here at Darn It, we’re committed to helping you get first-quality goods back on the shelves as quickly as possible.

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