Out Damn Spot!!


We know that everyone gets upset when we are sitting at the dinner table and a drop of mustard lands on our shirt or when someone bumps into you while you are holding a glass of red wine and it get all over your sleeve.  What do you do first?  Find a stain spray or stain stick and hope that the stain comes out?  Exactly!   Then throw it in the wash and pray!

What if you had 6,000 shirts that were received into your distribution center and after your initial audit, you realize that there are oil stains on most of the shirts from the sewing machines at the factory where they were made?  The machines were not properly maintained, and some oil spots would end up on each shirt while sewing the pieces together.  Now you have a monster of a problem.

One of our customers received a shipment of dress shirts and realized instantly that they had this problem.  They immediately called the Darn It! Apparel Repair team and sent us several samples to test to see if the stains would come out.  After testing our spot cleaning process, the stains came out and we told the customer to send in the large load.

A dress shirt comes with many challenges, as there are many trims (pins, stiffeners, collar stays) that need to be taken out and placed back in carefully.  Darn It’s Apparel Inspection team opened the shirts up and completed a full inspection identifying each stain.  The Apparel Repair and Cleaning team then went into action and spot cleaned all the stains on our spotting tables.  Once cleaned, the inspectors re-examined the shirts as they were packing them back up to be sure that we cleaned every little oil stain on them.

We packed up the shirts in their original cartons with the original warehouse labels so that they could be received back into the customer’s warehouse quickly.

Darn It sees many different types of stains when we are charged with inspection and cleaning of all sorts of items.  We see these types of stains with large projects as well as individual Customer Returns when we are performing Returns Processing tasks for retailers.  Stains that range from marking pens, dirt / soiling, grease, and deodorant to name a few.

In the future, do not get upset when your shirt gets stained.  Call Darn It!

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