That Waistband Is Twisted…Sister!!


Have you ever put on a pair of your favorite sweatpants and notice immediately that something just doesn’t feel right around your waist?  Does it ever feel all clumped up in a few spots?  You look and feel around and realize that the waistband is twisted inside the layers of fabric.  You slide, twist and move the elastic inside the waistband, and after 10 minutes have made it worse.

What if you were a retailer and had 8,000 of these twisted waistband sweatpants and had to get them on the store shelves or shipped to your online customers now?  You would be in a twisted mess…

A National Men’s retailer had this exact problem (of course during covid) and needed to get these to market asap.  Due to the production issues during these times overseas, they couldn’t get them re-made in time for the product launch.  Instead of tossing them into the trash, they called the Darn It! Apparel Repair team for help.

Upon receiving samples, we knew this wasn’t going to be an easy task.  We couldn’t just twist the elastic back in place.  In this case, the elastic was twisted before closing the waistband and then sewn incorrectly (twisted).  We needed to open the waistband in two places in order to expose the elastic.  We then had to cut the elastic in order to straighten it out.  We then stitched it back into place and sealed the waistband back up.

Due to the amount of handling that took place of each sweat pant, we had to steam out and press all of the units before inspecting and repackaging them.  They all were repaired, boxed up and shipped back to the retailer in 6 days.  The launch went off without missing a beat and they sold out of them a few days later!

If you ever get all TWISTED due to an issue with a product you have, please call the Darn It! Apparel Repair Team.  Your Problem is Our Business!

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