Kitting Merchandise: 5 Creative Specialty Packaging Ideas To Spark Your Imagination (And Increase Sales)


Q: How can you perk up sales?

A: Specialty promotional packages.

Our customers – large general merchandise/apparel distributors and retailers – regularly ask Darn It! to kit specialty promotional packages for them. Why? Because specialty packages perk up sales.

In fact, we just finished kitting and assembling 60,000 large gift packages, each containing numerous items including marketing materials. The total number of individual pieces we handled boggles the mind!

We placed 6 gift packs into master cartons, which were shipped to our customer’s Distribution Center. In this case, the DC added one final item before shipping the gift packs to retail stores across the nation. (To save time, many of our customers ask us to ship direct to final destinations.)

5 ideas for specialty promotional packages

We want to spark your imagination, so here are a few example Specialty Promotional Packages that we’ve assembled for general merchandise/apparel distributors and retailers:

  1. Fun, colorful, and irresistible back-to-school kits with school-themed general merchandise for a nationwide chain of office supply stores
  2. Seasonal gift package of jewelry set: matching necklace, bracelet, and earrings (seasonal gift packages are always a hit, no matter what type of merchandise or apparel you sell)
  3. Wine glass, wine opener, brochure, and other notions in a cellophane-wrapped basket for a liquor chain’s nationwide promotion
  4. A summer camp kit sporting a pillowcase, t-shirt, and water bottle to perk up early-summer sales for a nationwide chain of discount stores
  5. A “welcome aboard” kit containing a branded mug and orientation brochure for a large corporation’s new employees

It’s your turn – take a minute for creative brainstorming

We encourage you to come up with creative ideas for specialty promotional packages or seasonal gift packs. The sky’s the limit! In fact, call us – we’re happy to do some creative brainstorming with you.

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