Apparel Warehousing Gives Back (Pack)


What an incredible feeling it was when some of the Darn It! Warehouse and Distribution team members joined forces with its customer, STATE Bags, to give back to the South Coast community.

On a daily basis, our Warehousing and Distribution staff picks hundreds and sometimes thousands of different types of products for our customers. We pick wholesale and e-commerce orders that could include clothing, shoes, crutches, hats and many other types of items. Our job is to get the items picked quickly, correctly and get it right out to the consumer or retailer. Things can get quite hectic in this environment.

That’s why it felt so good to stop what we were doing last Tuesday and visit a local Elementary School for a few hours to give back (pack). Why do we keep finishing these phrases with the word “pack”? Our customer, STATE Bags is a back pack retailer that was created to address the immediate needs of American children living with challenging and in some cases critical circumstances. For every State Bag that is purchased, they hand deliver another back pack to an American child in need.

At this packed gathering of over 300 kids at the school, the STATE

“Packmen” lead an hour long motivational rally renewing the kid’s spirit and belief in themselves. They had the kids dancing and singing to many popular songs and even had one 3rd grader stand up and sing karaoke to the song Cheerleader. The room was electric!

Apparel Warehousing Gives Back

Apparel Warehousing Gives Back

At the very end of the rally, the Darn It! Staff surprised the kids by handing out STATE Bags donated Back Packs to each and every one of them. The smiles on their faces brought tears to our eyes and made us all realize that things can get quite hectic at the office on a daily basis, and that it is nice to stop and think every so often about those in need in our own backyard. We can’t wait to do this again soon!

Thanks again to STATE Bags and the Darn It! Apparel Warehousing team for making this Bag Drop a big success!

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