Are the Patches Falling Off of Your Jeans?


What if the patches on 3,200 jeans were coming off? What if these jeans were high fashion (i.e. “cool”) jeans with very trendy patches that were peeling off? And to top it off, what if these jeans were on the home page of your website starting in two weeks?

This problem was brought to the attention of Darn It’s Apparel Repair team last month. A well-known retailer called us to see if it was possible to re-enforce the patches and still have the same “cool” look after the repair. The Apparel Repair team presented a few different solutions within 24 hours. The customer decided to go with a simple top stitch all the way around the patch with a matching thread so that it would look very natural. They really liked the look of it as it looked like it was sewn this way originally at the factory.

At a total retail price of over $400,000, our customer was very nervous that these jeans wouldn’t sell after the repair. Three weeks after the repair was completed, the jeans were sold out and now are on back order until another shipment arrives next month. Hopefully (for them) they come in to the USA with the patches properly secured. If not, Darn It’s Apparel Repair team will be here to help them through their latest Apparel Crisis.

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