Hole-y Truck, Batman! What Now?”


Sweaters get wet in transit – Apparel Cleaning to the rescue!

With the next fashion season right around the corner, 18,000 units of specialized apparel arrived at a major retailer’s warehouse with a terrible musty odor. It turns out the shipping container had holes in the roof. Hole-y Truck!

“We need a superhero to clean up this mess!”

This large quantity of ladies’ springtime sweaters was to be featured in the retailer’s spring season sales event – and the event would be starting soon. In the past, remediating this issue required laundering to remove mold, mildew, and musty smells.

The entire laundering process is time consuming. It involves removing tickets, laundering, drying, pressing, re-ticketing, and re-packaging. Worse, laundered garments can look worn. They can lose that crisp, exciting, vibrant, NEW look that’s so critical in the apparel industry.

Darn It! offers a better solution: Ozone shock treatment.

Our large, state-of-the-art, ozone treatment chambers eliminate mold and mildew, remediate musty odors, and freshen fabric. Plus, unlike laundering, ozone shock treatment is a delicate process that keeps new clothes in pristine condition.

To address this retailer’s specific issue – and get those springtime sweaters ready for the big sales event – we quickly took these steps: 

  • Unpacked the container and received the units
  • Removed the apparel from their packages
  • Line dried the sweaters
  • Conducted ozone shock treatment on all garments for apparel mold and mildew removal
  • Re-packaged and re-packed the sweaters, using new polybags and cartons
  • All this in just 2 weeks, meeting the retailer’s deadline!

Thanks to ozone shock treatment, customers purchased sweaters in pristine condition.

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