Baseball tees need a triple play to save the day.


Apparel heat transfer hits a home run!

Opening day is just 2 weeks away…

A new winning season is nearly here! Excitement mounts to a feverish pitch. Faithful fans are ready to buy their club’s baseball performance t-shirts. Retailers know this is RIGHT TIME to sell sports team merchandise. To meet demand, a large retailer ordered 34,000 baseball performance t-shirts, which retail at $30 each.

But wait – the “umpire” (AKA, Quality Control Manager) announces an error.

Two weeks before opening day, the DC team discovered the heat transfers on the front of the t-shirt were peeling off. After conducting an apparel visual inspection, they determined the heat transfers were applied incorrectly throughout the entire shipment of 34,000 tees. With over $1 million at risk, they asked Darn It!’s Apparel Repair Team to catch this fly ball.

Most likely, the heat transfer settings were not accurately adjusted and set during original production. To remediate this issue, we started by testing the key heat transfer settings: temperature, time, and pressure. We shipped a few samples of the corrected t-shirts overnight to the retailer. Their team tested the sample tees – by washing and wearing them – to ensure the heat transfer would stay intact. Everything worked. Game on!

Here’s how Darn It’s triple play saved the day:

With no time to spare, our highly trained apparel repair team flew into action. We set up an assembly line with 3 major steps:

  1. Organized shirts by size and carefully opened the packages.
  2. Re-pressed the heat transfer with correct settings for temperature, time and pressure point, using our high-pressure heat transfer machines.
  3. Quickly and carefully repackaged each shirt. (With performance fabric, no cooling period is needed.) In addition, we immediately began sending partial shipments to the retailer’s outlets, so they could stock shelves well before opening day.

Thanks to teamwork, we hit a home run with this retailer!

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