Are Your Pants Dragging On The Ground?


Have you ever purchased a pair of pants that was labeled 30 inches in length, and they were actually 33 inches? Years ago, you may have driven to your local tailor shop and had them shortened your pants in a few days and you would be all set. Today, with the instant gratification of online stores and easy returns, you can quickly send the wrong size back the same day and get new ones a few days later.

What if you were a retailer, and you have 12,000 pairs of pants arrive at your distribution center that were labeled with the wrong length on them and needed to get these to the stores and online asap? You can’t ship them out, or you will get them all returned, and they won’t fit properly in the stores.

Well, one of our customers had this exact issue pop up this season. They waisted no time and called the Darn it Apparel Repair Team for help. The customer thought that it would be easier to hem the pants to the proper length and then re-package them. Our team suggested measuring the pants and re-labeling them with the proper sizing. This process would be much faster and less expensive than spending the time hemming each pair.

The Apparel Repair team received the pants and began measuring each pair to determine the proper inseam. Once measured, the sewing department changed the labels on the inside of the pant and tacked the matchbook label on the waist of the pant to match the exact waist and length of the pant. Once the sewing department completed the process, the pants were re-inspected, and all of the measurements were double-checked for accuracy before being rebagged into a new polybag with correct barcoding.

This process took about 10 days to complete, and the retailer was able to ship the proper sized pants to their customers.

Partner with Darn It! today. Your Problem is our Business.

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