Here’s to the Next 25 Years!


Darn It! has spent the last twenty-five years helping solve customer’s problems.

Here’s to the next 25!

As we begin our 26th year in business, we look back on how it all began and where we go from here. Some of you might know this story. For 35 years we were clothing contractors of ladies clothing while most of the clothing manufacturing was still being done here in the United States. In 1994 everything changed. The NAFTA agreement was signed, and free trade opened between the US and our neighbors to the north and south, Canada and Mexico. This gave many retailers and manufacturers a chance to test the waters with lower prices due to lower wages elsewhere.

Well, the writing was on the wall and much of our cut and sew business literally went south and we had to start to shrink our 350-person payroll. While still producing a fraction of the product in years past, we were approached by a few of our former customers who found some problems with their finished goods when they arrived back in the states from plants in Mexico.

These customers wanted us to fix crooked labels, inspect for skipped stitches and open seams and to spot clean any oil stains found. We were not thrilled with the fact that we now were asked to fix their problems when we used to make the same garments for them for years with NONE of these quality issues. Well, we of course, took care of these customers, and found that many others were having similar problems when venturing south or overseas.

In 1996, Darn It was formed after watching the sewing industry almost disappear in front of our eyes. We shifted gears and became a needed service business to help with customer’s quality, refurbishment, and re-work. We are in year #26 and have come a long way. We now have over 80 staff members helping both apparel and general merchandise customers solve the many problems that arise from overseas manufacturing once the goods arrive at their US warehouses. These problems can range from labeling issues and general inspection to mold and musty smell remediation.

We also purchased a 300,000 square foot building in 2008 to further the growth of Darn It and begin our full-service fulfillment and distribution division. We now pick, pack and ship for many brands across the globe. With our real-time warehouse management system in place, we can connect directly to our customer’s websites and ERP systems to seamlessly send their orders electronically to us while maintaining the connection for the correct inventory on their sites.
We continue to shift gears, learn from our customers, and grow as they grow their businesses. We are very excited to see what the next 25 years will bring.

Your Problem Is Our Business.

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