Put It Under Our Roof!


Many of you know that Darn It started its business in refurbishing, rework and repair, but did you know, that under the same roof, we also have a full-service fulfillment and distribution business?  Whether you are shipping to other businesses or direct to consumers, Darn It can receive all your product, inventory it, place it into location ready for picking your customer’s orders.

We have a very robust web-based Warehouse Management System that can connect to your website or ERP system seamlessly.  Your orders will flow through directly to our system so that we can pick the orders the same day that your customer placed them on your site.  All inventory information will automatically be updated on your website so that customers can know in real time if each item is in stock.  This system can be accessed by you, our customer, 24 hours a day to review open orders, check tracking on orders or to check stock status of your inventory.

Accuracy is very important at Darn It.  We have the Darn It “Double Check” system built into to our processes so that after every order is picked, we double check it with our scanners before placing into a bag or box to go out to your customer.  Most orders received before 2pm will be shipped out the same day!

Are you performing these tasks yourself?  Are you picking and packing and finding that the fluctuations in labor and space due to the seasonality of your product are making life difficult?  Let us worry about the labor and space issues.  We will be ready for your peak seasons and always have the staff on alert for any spikes in orders.

If by chance there is an issue with the quality of your product, Darn It’s quality control and inspection team is under the same roof!  We can manage projects from simple ticketing or re-packaging as well as some more difficult tasks such as re-labeling, inspection and mold/smell remediation.  By having both of these operations (fulfillment and re-work) under one roof, we are able to get your product to market much faster than if you would have to move the product back and forth between facilities.

So, if you are ready to make the move, Put It Under Our Roof!  Let Darn It take away some of those warehouse and staffing headaches.

“Your Problem Is Our Business”

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