WOW – I Didn’t Know That Darn It! Did That!!


Over the last 24 years in business, Darn It! has been asked to perform many different tasks to satisfy an array of retailers, wholesalers, jobbers and importers.  Some of these tasks are simple and some are very labor intensive.  When our customer thinks of Darn It, they may think that we strictly handle quality control issues related to apparel inspections and apparel repair.  But did you know that Darn It! also services many shoe retailers, accessory manufacturers and hardgoods retailers?  Did you know that Darn It! also has a full service Warehousing and Distribution business?

Here are just a few examples of some eye-opening moments for our customers when they discovered some of our other services.

  1. A large apparel retailer called and asked us if we could fold, bag and barcode about 100,000 apparel items for them and then ship them off to a new 3PL warehouse that they were going to partner with for this NEW venture of theirs. This retailer had no idea that Darn It! is a full-service 3rd party logistics warehousing and distribution center.  After a few discussions, they decided not to ship the goods after processing to another warehouse and now store all of the units here.  Darn It! receives the orders through our Warehouse Management System from their web site on a daily basis and ships all of the order directly to their individual customers.  For more information on our Fulfillment services, please go to
  2. Many promotional products companies call on Darn It! to private label different types of apparel for some of their customers promotions. After sewing the labels on the items, Darn It would usually send the units back and the job would be complete.  What we didn’t know was that there were 6 other items as part of this promotion that needed to be put together and shipped to many different employees within their customer’s business.  Our customer didn’t know the we also can do the Kitting for the entire project.  So to save time and money, all of the units, not just the apparel were sent directly to us where we would match up the correct apparel size with a mug, backpack, and many other personal items to go to 600 individuals within a corporation.  Darn It! labeled, picked, and shipped all of the units within 3 days.  For more information on Kitting, please go to
  3. Lastly, did you know that Darn It! can handle extremely large projects? Did you know that our facility Is over 300,000 square feet?  We have just recently started a sort and re-packaging project that is over 1 million units!  Our large staff can handle projects of any size.

Please call Darn It! first with any projects large or small.  Let us help you create a solution that enables you to get your product to market quickly!


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