No Cream, Just Steam for these Wrinkles!


Being on a large cargo ship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean must be a scary place. You cannot see any land for days and it is going to take you a full month to reach your destination. Now, picture yourself AS A men’s casual suit travelling for a month with 2,000 other men’s neatly pressed suits inside of a 40-foot container. That is scary.

As a retailer, you get excited when your container gets to the port and is scheduled to be delivered to your warehouse in just a few days. You need the product for e-commerce orders and for your stores. The promotion begins in 1 week! When the container arrives at the warehouse and is opened, the staff finds that the main bars holding up the suits had collapsed at sea and all 2,000 suits have fallen to the floor.

After pulling a few hundred suits from the container, the retailer’s quality staff realized that these items were too wrinkled to sell online and in the stores. The first call they made was to the Darn It! Clothing Repair team.

The warehouse closed the container within a few hours of its arrival and re-routed it to Darn It!

When the container arrived at Darn It!. the Clothing Inspection team had to perform a 100% Visual Inspection of each jacket and pant set to be sure that there were not any stains or holes / tears from the trauma at sea. Once the garments were deemed 1st quality, the suits made its way over to the pressing and steaming department for a full repress and steaming, bagging, and sealing.
Upon final inspection each set, the items were re-loaded onto a new trailer with bars and ropes to ensure a safe journey back to the retailer. Darn It delivered the neatly pressed suits back to the retailer in 5 days to ensure a perfectly timed launch online and in the stores.

Call Darn It! first with you Clothing Emergencies!

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