Apparel Inspection and Re-Labeling – If it doesn’t fit, don’t quit!


In the world of apparel, back-to-school shopping isn’t just about kids. Mom will often outfit herself while outfitting her young students. This is a brief, critical selling season that no apparel retailer can afford to miss.

That’s why our customer was so disappointed to discover that the overseas factory had mislabeled many of the 4,000 women’s pants with incorrect size labels. This retailer has both brick-and-mortar stores as well as an online outlet. The DC manager knew returns would skyrocket from Internet orders, plus sales would be impacted at the retail stores (customers would be frustrated when trying on pants that didn’t fit right).

$316,000 worth of product was on hold …

These pants retail for $79 each. With 4,000 items in limbo, the apparel retailer had $316,000 worth of women’s clothing on hold until the problem could be resolved. This issue had to be fixed FAST. There wasn’t time to ship the garments back to the factory to correct the issue.

Time is money, so this apparel retailer asked Darn It! for help.

As soon as the retailer discovered the issue, they were anxious to remedy the problem and get the goods on the shelf as quickly as possible. They had identified the problem – some of the garments had incorrect size labels – but they didn’t know the extent of the issue.

When it comes to apparel crisis management, we are seasoned pros. Darn It’s Apparel inspection team inspected and measured 100% of the pants. Turns out, 25% were mislabeled. We repackaged and sorted the 3,000 correctly labeled pants. Next, we turned our attention to the 1,000 mislabeled items:

  • We measured the pants to determine the proper size.
  • We replaced incorrect size labels with correct size labels.
  • We repackaged and sorted these repaired pants. Now properly labeled, $79,000 worth of pants were ready to sell.

Drop-shipping saved even more critical time.

Following our customer’s specific instructions, we organized shipments by size and quantity, then drop-shipped from our location directly to 150 retail stores around the nation. This service saved critical time, since the merchandise didn’t need to travel back to the distribution center. These first-quality goods were on the shelves and ready for back-to-school shoppers!

Trust us with your Apparel Inspection and Repair

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