Apparel Repair: Is Your Clothing Bleeding


Have you ever received a shipment of garments where the white is discolored and looks very pink or blue? Or have your customers complained that your red sweaters are staining their other garments? If this occurs, call the Darn It Apparel Repair Team right away! We have many first aid remedies for these issues.

The most common garment bleeding issues tend to be related to color block garments or garments that have excessive dye issues. With color block garments, there may be panel to panel bleeding or transfer. If your garments have excessive dye, you may notice staining on the labels, packaging or other parts of the garment.

Darn It! received a call from a panicked manufacturer. 32,000 men’s and children’s color blocked hockey jerseys had been rejected upon receipt from a major retailer. The retailer thought the garments looked like irregular units. The manufacturer had two choices at the time. They could accept that an order worth $1,700,000 could be cancelled because re-making the units would take too long. Or they could contact Darn It!, Inc. The very wise manufacturer contacted Darn It and sent all of the jerseys in for repair.

Darn It performed 3 separate cleaning and dye setting techniques to get all 32,000 hockey jerseys back to the manufacturer in first quality condition. The jerseys were pressed, re-ticketed with new tickets, bagged and boxed and shipped back within 4 weeks to the Retailer who put them right out on the selling floor.

In the future, don’t let bleeding garments get you down. Call the Darn It Apparel Repair Team to apply the proper first aid to get them in to first quality condition.

Your Problem is our Business.

Darn It! Inc.

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