Apparel Repair: Apparel Crisis Management


HEAD GAMES…What goes through our customer’s heads when faced with an issue with a shipment of apparel that they can’t put on the shelves or ship out to the consumer. They find that they are dealing with a major quality issue. Many words come to mind that we can’t put into print. The phrase that all of us hope comes to mind first is Darn It!

YOUR PROBLEM IS OUR BUSINESS…When it comes to apparel repair or apparel inspection, our job is to work with our customers and help them “Manage the Crisis”. Anytime a retailer or wholesaler can’t sell their goods when they arrive here in the states, it becomes a Crisis Situation. Darn It! recognizes this and will do whatever it takes to help the customer solve their problem and get the goods back onto the shelves.

DON’T BE SHY…There are no quality issues that we haven’t heard about or seen over the 20+ years we have been in business. Whether it is a simple visual or measurement inspection, or something more complicated like mold removal, bring it to us first. We recognize that your product is not worth anything when it is sitting in your warehouse. We know that every customer’s projects has the same sense of urgency and also needs the same attention.

HOW IT WORKS…A recent example is when a customer called us out of breath after he just got out of a meeting where the entire merchandising team passed around jackets that smelled like garlic and told her to fix this asap. Within 24 hours, we received 15,000 jackets worth over $1.2 million dollars at retail. Within a period of one week, we hung the jackets, aired them out, ozoned them and then re-packaged each one in new packaging. They now smelled great and still looked and felt brand new. The customer received them back into their warehouse and delivered them to their stores in time for their big promotion. Crisis Averted.

THE MORAL OF THE STORY…Please call Darn It! first to tap into our many years of technical, manufacturing and quality control experience. You can trust that we will solve your problem and help you turn this CRISIS into CASH.

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