Don’t Slide Into Fall Without a Good Partner!


The apparel world has seen many ups and downs over the last 18 months.  There have been major shutdowns home and abroad.  There have also been many supply chain challenges that have affected almost everyone and will continue to do so into the next few quarters.

One unforeseen challenge has been the labor shortage.  Many of our customers have been trying to fill store and warehouse positions for months to no avail.  These customers spend a large chunk of time during the week shuffling people around to accomplish the tasks of many more people.  Some take people from their offices to pick and pack their orders.  Some have also told us that they take their maintenance crew away from their daily tasks to unload trucks.

What do you do when fall season leads into holiday season and the workload doubles or even triples?  At Darn It, we talk to customers about partnering with us for many of those large or small tasks that can be outsourced.

  1. Returns Processing. During Covid, many of our customers saw a major increase in online sales which caused their returns to increase as well.  Darn It has a large staff that can help refurbish these items so that they can get back into stock quickly.
  2. AQL, Visual or Measurement Inspection. Do you have a team that is performing quality inspections in house?  Darn It’s Apparel Inspection team has many years of experience inspecting and sorting all sorts of items from apparel and shoes to jewelry and accessories.
  3. Ticketing / Packaging. These types of tasks tend to be large volume tasks that can take long periods of time.  Darn It can process tens of thousands of these types of items per day to get you back on track.

These are just a few examples of what can be easily outsourced to a third party to alleviate some of the stress points in your company.  With over 300,000 square feet and 80+ people, Darn It can be that partner you have been looking for.

Don’t swipe right or left looking for someone else, call us today!

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