These NFL jerseys need speed & agility!


With preseason starting in a week, NFL jerseys needed FAST apparel inspection & repair

“False start!”

The last thing a coach wants to hear is a referee blowing his whistle and announcing “False start!” The same is true for Distribution Center managers. Just ONE week before NFL preseason football games were ready to start, our customer (a DC Manager for a major retailer) received an order of NFL jerseys at his Distribution Center. When he conducted a garment inspection, he could practically hear the words: “False start!”

The DC had received 1,500 NFL jerseys, which would sell for $75 each – a total retail value of $112,500. This official NFL apparel would be distributed and sold via brick-and-mortar retail stores nationwide and via their online store. This apparel assortment was comprised of designs for 17 NFL teams, each with 7 sizes (119 disparate items).

Here’s what caused the “penalty flag”…

The manufacturer did not allow sufficient time for the silkscreen designs to thoroughly dry prior to packaging. They packaged the jerseys with tissue paper, which adhered to the silkscreen printing. When the DC Manager opened the plastic packages and tried to remove the tissue, little bits of tissue stuck to the printing.

The DC Manager needed a quarterback to take the ball and run with it!

With $112,500 on the line – and football’s preseason starting in just ONE week – the DC Manager called Darn It’s Apparel Repair Team.  This DC Manager has teamed with us before, so he knew we offer a large team of apparel experts with keen attention to detail. He also knew our well-oiled processes ensure we can quickly and accurately remediate the issue. Just like NFL players, it’s all about speed and agility!

Here’s how we conducted this fast apparel inspection and repair project to meet our shared goal – returning the 1,500 NFL jerseys to first-quality apparel:

  • Conducted apparel visual inspection to sort the jerseys that required repair and set aside those that did not require repair
  • Conducted apparel spot-cleaning to remove the tissue
  • Line-dried the apparel, ensuring they were thoroughly dried
  • Conducted quality control to reinspect every jersey
  • Reticketed and repackaged the jerseys, meeting the retailer’s precise requirements
  • Sorted all jerseys for correct packaging and assembly for the DC, including those that did not require repair
  • Packed the inventory in corrugated cartons and created a manifest

Touch down!

Darn It! completed the entire project in only 4 days. The DC Manager gave us an extra point for kicking it back to the Distribution Center so quickly!

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