Darn It! is good for the SOLE


Last November, a customer of a large shoe retailer purchased a new pair of shoes for a holiday party she was attending. She spent $158 for the shoes that looked perfect with her new cocktail dress.

At the party, after dinner, she hit the dance floor with her husband and the rest of her team. After about an hour of dancing, unfortunately, she turned her ankle after walking off the dance floor. She got back to her seat and took off the shoes to see the sole of her left shoe had separated and caused her sprained ankle. She couldn’t wear them the rest of the night…and for that matter, couldn’t dance either!

The next day, after icing her ankle, she hopped into the car and headed back to the retailer that sold her the faulty shoes. Upon showing the salesperson the shoes, they were very gracious and gave her the money back and a discount on her next pair when she returns to shop.

The saga ends here for the partygoer, but not for the retailer…

The store immediately pulls a few more shoes of the same style and realizes that this is a problem across the board. The glue was not holding the shoe together. Upon notifying the headquarters, the shoes were removed from the shelf. The merchandisers immediately called the Darn It! Shoe Repair team and asked if we could help!

Upon receiving a few samples, we realized that the glue from the sole was inferior and needed to be replaced. We sourced the proper glue to complete the samples and got the repaired units approved by the retailer so that they could then send us the 3,600 pair ASAP.

When the bulk shipment arrived, the Darn It! team sprang into action and repaired and tested all 3,600 pair in 5 days. Instead of shipping them back to the retailer’s main distribution center, Darn It! was asked to separate the shoe assortment by the original store they were pulled from and ship them back there. This saved many days in transit and of course labor on the retailer’s end shipping them directly to the stores. Most importantly, they were back on the shelves in just a few days after leaving Darn It!

Many of you know about Darn It!’s Apparel Inspection and Apparel Repair teams, but did you know we also handle many tasks related to shoes, accessories and general merchandise repair and inspection?

“Your Problem is our Business”

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