Found a wrench in the works?


That’s when to call Darn It! for warehousing & fulfillment

You think of everything, and yet…

You strategize and plan. Check the details, big and small. Suddenly a wrench is thrown into the works, and everything grinds to a halt. For one of our customers, this “wrench in the works” was a full-size delivery truck!

You won’t believe what happened…

Our customer had invented a game, which caught like wildfire. Orders were racing in. In response, he placed his largest production order ever – 10,000 units – with an offshore manufacturer. “Everything’s going great!” he thought. For a home-based entrepreneur, life was sweet. Until the day a VERY BIG TRUCK rolled up to his front door!

Naturally, his suburban home didn’t have a loading dock. Unfortunately, here’s what he DID have: a BIG delivery truck loaded with heavy merchandise, multiple BIG orders to fill, and a BIG problem. Turns out, he needed more than a loading dock. He needed professional warehouse/fulfillment/distribution services – as well as reverse logistics – to manage his merchandise. What’s an entrepreneur to do?

He called Darn It! We took care of that wrench – and more.

  • We re-routed the truck, with instructions to deliver the merchandise to Darn It!
  • Together, we clarified his current and projected warehouse/fulfillment/distribution needs.
  • In just a few days, we quickly set up a pick-and-pack operation, with an emphasis on fulfilling and shipping priority orders around the country.
  • We also set up processes to quickly handle any customer returns by moving units from returns to available product (reverse logistics).

This customer traded a “wrench” for a “window” thanks to WMS inventory logistics.

Our state-of-the-art warehouse management system is like a window that’s always open. Look any time for an accurate, real-time view of your inventory and sales activity. Our new customer now connects directly from his computer to see customer orders and daily shipments. Of course, this window on his distribution needs also helps him closely manage inventory.

Think of it this way: Darn It! is the right tool for the job.

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