Garment Relabeling – There Goes My Cashmere Sweater!!


Have you ever mistakenly washed your beautiful cashmere sweater in the washing machine and then realized that your nice sweater will only fit your 5-year old now. It not only shrunk a few sizes, it shrunk an entire generation!!

This may not be just your fault…It may have been the Manufacturer’s or the Retailer’s fault. Why? In one case, a major retailer received a shipment of 3,400 $250.00 cashmere sweaters that had a care label in them that stated, “Machine Wash Warm”. We all know what happens when you wash a cashmere sweater in a warm machine wash…See above picture!

Luckily, the retailer performed their inbound audit and recognized this problem before the goods hit the shelves. They immediately contacted the Darn It! Garment Relabeling team for a solution. We suggested a hand sewing operation similar to the original sewn in label when manufactured in China so that the consumer would never know that the labels were ever changed. The retailer sent us new labels in three days from the overseas manufacturer. The timing was tight as the new sweaters, worth over $800,000 at retail, were supposed to hit the floor in 2 weeks’ time.

The Garment Relabeling team completed the hand sewing task a few days early and shipped the sweaters directly to the retailers stores in time for the big promotion!   Disaster Averted!!

Don’t make ladies sweaters for 1st graders…Call Darn It today and let them help you with your apparel crisis!!

Apparel Crisis Management.

Darn It! Inc.

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