Apparel Inspection: Bugs In Your Sweater?


We know that it is a very gross subject to write about and to even think about, but weren’t surprised when one of our customers called and asked us to inspect 12,000 sweaters due to some lovely dead insects inside some of the poly bags. The good news is that the bugs were very small and very dead. There is no bad news as the Darn It Apparel Inspection team is always prepared for situations like this.

With masks on their faces and gloves on their hands, the Apparel Inspection team of 35 people opened and disposed of all of the poly bags, inspected every inch of the sweaters for these little bugs and then re-folded and re-packaged them up in new poly bags with new tissue and cardboard. Bugs were not found in every poly bag, but the customer wanted to be sure that none of their customers received some unwelcome guests upon receipt.

Darn It was able to help the customer get the sweaters to market in just 4 days from start of the inspection and save them $1.1 million dollars in retail sales.

Please call the Darn It! Apparel Inspection team with any type of inspection request ranging from a more simplistic visual inspection to a more detailed measurement inspection.

Your Problem is our Business.

Darn It! Inc.

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