Disappearing Ink Still on Your Shirts?


Unless an apparel manufacturer is completely automated, the only way to set a pocket or mark for new buttons, or to sew any item onto a specific place on a garment is with a disappearing marking pen or pencil. They have used them for years and years.

Mark for the placement of the chest pocket now, sew the pocket on, and in 1 hour, the marks are gone and the placement is perfect!

What happens if you mark for the pocket now overseas, it disappears after sewing, and then it reappears a month later when you receive it in the USA?? What a horrible magic trick!!

Many retailers are seeing marks on their finished goods when they receive them in their distribution centers and scratching their heads as to what happened. What has happened is that many manufacturers today are not using the proper marking pens and they are using a “Thermal Sensitive” alternative. A pen that disappears and then miraculously re-appears. Sourcing agents and retailers call our Apparel Repair team immediately and look for our guidance.

Upon speaking with the manufacturer, the retailers usually get a response that steam will quickly take out the markings. TRUE…but not so fast. Steaming does take out the markings most of the time, but once the garment temperature gets below freezing, the marks re-appear. For us that experience the cold winter months, and this year, for the entire country, it gets very cold inside an 18-wheeler traveling on the highway. Just shipping these items after steaming can make the marks re-appear.

There are other solutions. Of course, if you are in a warm climate, the steaming may work. If you are in a colder climate, you may want to look at other options. Spot cleaning with specific non-toxic chemicals may work, although the formula may be different from garment to garment depending on the fabric content. It also depends on the specific type of ink used in the marking pen. Our Apparel Repair team has seen red, blue and green markings like this on many different types of garments.

The bad news is that this process of spot cleaning the marks can be a very time-consuming process. If there are just a few dots marking some corners, or some shorter lines, then spot cleaning may be the right decision. If the marks trace the entire placket or pleated seam, then it may be too expensive to justify.

When in doubt, call Darn It’s Apparel Repair team to assess the situation. There are no costs to having them evaluate the garments and help you come up with a solution.

Your Problem Is Our Business.

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