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Read about a unique challenge & creative solution.

There’s an old saying: “Expect the unexpected.” When you sell general merchandise, all types of issues can crop up. You find yourself saying, “Who would have thought…?”

In this case, one of our customers sells an extremely popular brand of apparel and general merchandise. They are in the lucky position of having high demand – and immediate sales – for nearly every item they roll out to the public. The downside? When there’s a quality issue, they need general merchandise repair solutions “RIGHT NOW” to fulfill demand.

Here’s our customer’s challenge…

A newly released line of coffee mugs would sell for $12 to $16 apiece. Unfortunately, there was a quality issue, putting the shipment of 5,000 mugs – valued at nearly $75,000 – at risk. The issue? Many of the coffee mugs had sharp points on the bottom, which needed to be filed down in order to get these units to first-quality condition.

Here’s Darn It’s creative solution…

Our lead investigator immediately tried different filing solutions available in our facility. None of these options worked to our satisfaction. Next, she was off to the hardware store for heavy-duty filing tools. Again, none of these solutions provided the smoothing quality we needed. Our lead investigator put on her thinking cap and wondered: “Will fingernail files do the trick?” Turns out, that solution worked best!

Here are the steps we took to ensure all mugs were first-quality goods:

  1. We conducted a 100% inspection of 5,000 units to sort out the ones that needed repair (those with sharp points on the bottom).
  2. We conducted inspections and repairs simultaneously, so units could be quickly repacked and shipped.
  3. We completed the entire project in only 2 days to meet our customer’s tight deadline. They needed the product in hand for the launch of their big promotion, so they could immediately fill orders for these in-demand products.

Remember, Darn It offers general merchandise repair solutions!

When you discover issues with your product – whether it’s clothing, purses, ballcaps, jewelry, or any type of general merchandise – give us a call. With Darn It, you have a skilled team standing by. We’ll quickly provide general merchandise inspection and repair services, ensuring you have first-quality goods for your customers.

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