Oh my! Is your lining showing?


A seamless response to our customer’s pressing issue

Last year’s jacket style had a problem: The lining showed in the back. After numerous customer complaints and returns, the remaining 300 units in stock were pulled. Unfortunately, when our customer received the Spring 2020 line at their Distribution Center, they discovered the lining issue had not been resolved!

It was a pressing problem, especially with a total of 3,300 jackets in question. At $79 each, this meant a quarter-million-dollar product was at risk. Spring promotions were underway, but these jackets were not ready for Easter Sunday brunch!

We responded immediately and seamlessly.

Our customer uses Darn It’s apparel warehouse services. This means they don’t have to worry about seasonal fluctuations that can impact staffing levels and storage space, and they appreciate our state-of-the-art inventory management technology.

Also, they know we’re standing by with value-added services when needed, such as apparel sewing repair for these ladies’ jackets. After a quick call from them, we were able to immediately proceed with inspection and sewing repairs, without losing days to ship units from one facility to another.

Our step-by-step process included:

  • Conducting a 100% apparel inspection of both lots
  • Identifying and separating the 350 jackets requiring repair, and returning the good-quality jackets to our warehouse
  • Discussing 3 different repair options with our customer
  • Repairing the 350 units in only 2 days and putting them back in stock in time to ship for spring orders, thanks to our professional sewing team

The repair involved opening and trimming the lining, sewing the jacket back together, pressing the lining into position, and carefully repackaging jackets in the original plastic bags. These ladies’ jackets came in 7 colors and 5 sizes, so we took great care to keep everything well organized.

By using Darn It’s apparel warehouse services, our customer received an immediate and seamless response to their pressing apparel repair issue.

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