Labor And Space Headaches?


As we all are attempting to get back to normal, many of our customers are finding it exceedingly difficult to get their entire staff back into their respective warehouses.  Of course, there are many reasons why people may not be coming back so fast.

They may still be uncomfortable with the work environment during Covid.  They may be home collecting unemployment. Lastly, many people have told me that some of their employees have had second thoughts about coming back at all.  With all, this has been a very trying time for many if not most of our customers.We have found that some retailers and manufacturers have been leaning on us for many labor-intensive processes that they thought that they would never outsource before.  These tasks have ranged from simple ticketing or stickering product to truckload after truckload of returns processing.

Outsourcing of anything years ago was very taboo as companies wanted to keep every process under their own roof.  To let go of product with the hope that it would come back was a scary thought.  Today, outsourcing has become acceptable, and for efficiency purposes, companies outsource many different tasks.

Darn It! sells two things, Skilled Labor and Space.

SKILLED LABOR: Our customers have come to depend on Darn It’s growing labor force to be able to turn their Quality Control or Rework on a dime and get it back to them at lightning speeds.  We understand that the product is worthless in our building as it cannot be shipped to their end users.  We must respond quickly and get the first quality goods back onto their shelves and back into their customer’s hands before they lose the sale.  In the past, warehouse managers would be asked to pull people from everywhere to complete a visual inspection of 6,000 units or to ticket 30,000 units, or even help with a back log of 250,000 returns to be processed.  They would have to pull people from picking, packing and even pull people from their offices to get these tasks done.  In addition, think about the training curve that would be needed to get these staff members up to speed when there is no time to waste.  Much suffers with this example in the warehouse environment.  Right…Nothing gets done.

SPACE:  How many times have you looked at your space and wished you could snap your fingers and it would double in size?  That is probably not going to happen.  Darn It’s 300,000 square foot building can relive some of that space pressure and handle that large packaging or re-boxing project.  We can also store your product for short or long periods of time.  Darn It is also a full-service fulfillment and distribution center for many brands and retailers.  We can connect to your web site and pick / pack your business or consumer orders here.

If for some reason, you feel that pressure of Labor or Space, please check out and get in touch with us.  We can help!

“You’re Problem Is Our Business”


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