Blue Dye In The Pool???


It is widely known that there is an old myth (or maybe it is true) that there was a chemical that would turn blue around you when you peed in the pool. What an embarrassment. You shouldn’t do this in the first place. Towards the end of the movie Grown Ups, you see the main characters in the pool together and then the water around all of them turns blue. Pretty funny scene.

What if your kid was wearing a blue swim shirt that had dye on it that didn’t set properly on the shirt and when she would jump into the pool, the dye from the shirt would come off into the water around her. No Joke! One of our customers called us in March to ask Darn It’s Apparel Repair team if there was something we could do with 3,000 kids swim shirts that had this problem. What an embarrassment this would be if this blue dye was surrounding your child after she jumped in the pool in her brand-new swim shirt.

Our customer sent us a few dozen samples to see if there was anything we could do to help. We performed many different tests and came to the conclusion that there was a little bit of dye that hadn’t cured on the outside of the shirts. A full wash and dry of the shirts may be the solution.

After many tests, we began the process of removing all the bags and tickets keeping them together by style and size. We then bulk washed all the shirts in batches thoroughly to remove that outer layer of dye. Once fully dry we sorted them all by style and size to get the proper tickets back on the shirts. We purchased new poly bags and poly bag stickers for all of the shirts. Folded, bagged and boxed everything into their original cartons.

Throughout the process, we would do some random testing of the shirts once washed by placing them in a large water container to see if there was still any runoff of the dye. None was found and the process worked.

Embarrassment averted! The kids are now safe to swim in the pool.

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